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Briar Wood Pipe

Call Pipe Merchant When You Need Canada's Best Briar Wood Pipe!

Tobacco pipes were first brought into the fold during the 16th century. Before the invention of tobacco pipes, other pipes had been used for different plant matter in societies around the world. Nowadays, buying a great tobacco pipe is as easy as heading to the Pipe Merchant online store and snagging the right product for you.

Today, we want to explore how to better select the right tobacco pipe for our needs. We will be going over some of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a tobacco pipe while also underscoring a few of the best pipes available at Pipe Merchant!

Comparing Major Tobacco Pipe Materials

Two of the most popular forms of tobacco pipes are made from briar wood and pear wood. These two common crafting materials are used to perfection by the artisan team at Pipe Merchant. With a focus on curating custom, one-of-a-kind experiences, shoppers at Pipe Merchant will get to pick between one of three major wood materials, Briar, Pear, and Morta.

Briar Wood Pipe — The most common pipe in the industry, the briar wood pipe is ideal for individuals looking after a smoother smoking experience. Ideal for its moisture absorption and heat resilience, a briar wood pipe is a long-lasting and affordable option for every level of smoker. Take a look at the Worobiec 80 Standard for a great example.

Pear Wood Pipe — This unique material is incredibly popular throughout Europe. Known for its distinctive and sweet finish, the pear wood pipe offers something dynamic when compared to other options on our list. Our favorite pear wood tobacco pipes come from the Mr. Brog series.

Morta Pipe — Morta is a material curated from beneath peat bags after potentially hundreds of years. Resistant to burnout and neutral in taste, this is a fantastic pipe for just about anyone. For a fantastic morta pipe, check out the stunning Mr. Brog no. 112!

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