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European Style Tobacco Pipes

Find Smooth Smoking From European Style Tobacco Pipes at Pipe Merchant!

Nestled in southern Ontario in the heart of Oakville is Pipe Merchant, the leading tobacco pipe store in all of Canada. Pipe Merchant specializes in handcrafted artisan pipes made from briar, pear, and morta wood. With a focus on precise craftsmanship and long-lasting quality use, Pipe Merchant has a diverse range of European style tobacco pipes for shoppers of all experience levels and backgrounds.

Let's take a walk through the Pipe Merchant catalog together to find where to buy our next tobacco pipe.

Buy a Tobacco Pipe Online: Handcrafted Products From Pipe Merchant

New shoppers to the world of European style tobacco pipes might wonder why they should opt for artisan products rather than factory-produced pipes. The answer is simple, handcrafted pipes made by experts such as the team at Pipe Merchant provide one of a kind experiences with every offering.

We can break down how dynamic each of these handcrafted artisan pipes is by looking closer at a few of the most popular options available at Pipe Merchant.

Mr. Brog no. 112 — This gorgeous handcrafted pipe is made from morta wood that has been sandblasted to highlight the beautiful yet natural grain of the wood. The unique appearance of Mr. Brog no. 112 makes it a fantastic conversation piece and an even better pipe for relaxing with your favorite tobacco. Morta is fantastic for conducting heat which makes it ideal for cooler smoking.

Mr. Brog Jazz — A slightly tilted head with a clipped rim draws our eyes as the gorgeous pear wood finish earns our respect. This stylish pipe adds a slightly sweet taste with every inhalation thanks to the natural pear wood. Fun to look at and great to smoke, Mr. Brog Jazz is a perfect starter pipe.

Buy a tobacco pipe online today by heading to Pipe Merchant for your artisan tobacco pipe needs!

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