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Quality Tobacco Pipes

Quality Tobacco Pipes at Unbeatable Prices: Buy Your Next Morta Pipe at Pipe Merchant!

Does the thought of smoking tobacco from petrified bog oak sound appealing? If it doesn't, you might want to think again! Morta pipe products have long been favored in the industry for their striking looks but there is also plenty more going on beneath the surface

What Is A Morta Pipe?

Before we can delve into the unique characteristics and advantages offered by the morta pipe, we must understand more about the material itself. Morta starts off as an oak tree before falling into the water and essentially mellowing for thousands upon thousands of years. Now semi-petrified, morta is harvested, processed, and cured so that it can be crafted into the products we see today

Why Try a Morta Pipe?

Working with morta is incredibly difficult thanks to the strength and density of the material. With that being said, quality artisans like Pipe Merchant can work the wood into a unique and enjoyable smoking experience. With dense wood, mora can conduct heat well which keeps your smoke cool. In addition to a cooler smoking experience, morta wood has a fantastic neutral taste to allow your actual tobacco to take over the conversation. Mora pipes also don't create a ghosting effect which is exceptionally rare and exceedingly appealing.

Pipe Merchant Is Your One-Stop-Shop For Quality Tobacco Pipes!

When it comes time to pick up quality tobacco pipes, make sure you head to Pipe Merchant! Based out of Oakville, Ontario, Pipe Merchant is Canada's leading tobacco pipe store for artisan quality tobacco pipes. Pipe Merchant offers a range of quality tobacco pipes in pear, briar, and morta with offerings at every price point.

With free orders on shipping over $100 and a vast selection of unique one-of-a-kind products, there has never been a better opportunity to get the pipe that you deserve.

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