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Pick a type of wood

Briar- The most popular type of pipe material. Loved for many reasons, the first and most important is its natural resistance to fire. The second is its inherent ability to absorb moisture. The burl absorbs water in nature to supply the tree in the dry times and likewise will absorb the moisture that is a byproduct of combustion​

Morta-This wood, has been preserved by being buried in peat bogs, sometimes for hundreds of years or more. The material represents the early stages of wood's fossilization, and as a result the material is nearly 12% mineral in content, making it highly resistant to burnout. It is also praised for a neutral taste caused by the removal of all tannins, resins and the like from the wood during its long period of submersion.

Pear- Second most popular after Briar, with similar characteristics making it a favourite, particularly in Eastern European brands. This dense wood is used from pear trees cut down in the late fall to avoid the tree's sap. It gives off a pleasant taste and smell while you smoke.

SHAPES of the pipe are simply a matter of personal preference. Many pipe smokers prefer pipes that are bent, as they "hang" better, putting less strain on the teeth and jaw. Others prefer straight-stemmed pipes, predominately for aesthetic reasons and that it keeps the smoke out of the eyes, but also because it is easier to insert a pipe cleaner to absorb the condensate that occasionally collects in the shank while smoking.

FILTERS need to be kept extremely clean and replaced often or else it could affect the taste of the tobacco. They are not needed for a good smoke, however, many of our pipes have filters so be sure to look in the item description. 

CHAMBER SIZE means that the larger the chamber, the more tobacco which means the stronger and longer the smoke will be. 

SIZE is an important factor to consider. For first time smokers, avoid very small pipes, as they tend to smoke hot, and very large ones, as they are often harder for a novice to keep lit and may hold too much tobacco to finish comfortably initially. After you are familiar with smoking, we definitely recommend exploring and experimenting with different sizes.

Please note, iis recommended that every smoker should have a separate pipe for each type of tobacco. Once you smoke a flavoured tobacco in a pipe, every smoke after will have the lingering flavour and smell of the first smoke. 

Pipe Merchant
Pipe Merchant
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